Installing SolidWorks is simple! Make sure you follow the below instructions exactly to obtain the program on your device.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you restart your computer first, and are logged in to your localmgr account, not your user account!

  1.     SolidWorks is approximately 20GB in size. You will need at least 30GB of space available (after uninstalling an old version of SolidWorks if necessary) to successfully install the 2018 version of SolidWorks.
  2.     Uninstall any version of SolidWorks you have currently installed. You can do this by opening your Start menu and typing "uninstall" in the search/Cortana bar, and selecting Uninstall a Program.
  3.     You will be taken to an alphabetical list of programs. Find and click on SolidWorks once to select it, then click on Uninstall in the menu at the top of the list.
  4.     When the Uninstall box appears, click on Change, then check the boxes labeled Registry Entries and Data Records. Then click on Back to Summary and then Remove. Don't worry, your project files will be saved.
  5.     If asked if you would like to deactivate your license, select NO. Then select YES to continue the installation.
  6.     The uninstall process will begin. If you are asked to stop installation and restart your computer first, do so. Then log back in as localmgr and start over at Step 4.
  7.     When the uninstall is finished, close the window.
  8.     Open your DFS (you may have to log in using your RHIT username and network password) and go to Software > Course Software > SOLIDWORKS 2018.
  9.     The last installer, listed as an HTML Application, is the one you will use.
  10.     If your internet connection is interrupted, the installation will fail and you will have to start over! So make sure you begin the installation when you are somewhere you will not be moving from.
  11.     Click Run > Install SolidWorks > Run.
  12.     If you get a box saying the file is from an untrusted location, click Yes to go ahead and allow.
  13.     The installation process will begin. This will take approximately one hour to complete. 

When the installation is finished, exit the window and open SolidWorks 2018 from your desktop. You will need to activate it. You do this by:

  • Selecting Activate now using the internet
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish
  • Click Accept

If you have any issues with the above instructions or during the install process, please contact the EIT Service Desk at x8989, emailing us at, or visiting us in the lower level of Crapo Hall between the hours of 8am--5pm Monday to Friday.

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