Password Reset

Use these steps to reset your Rose-Hulman network password:

  1. Go to
    • Enter your User ID, which is your Rose-Hulman email address
    • Complete the captcha verification, and select Next to continue
  2. Select your desired contact method for verification
  • Text will send a verification code to your mobile phone number
  • Call will call your mobile phone number with an automated message with information on gaining account access
  • Email will send a verification code to your alternate email address
  1. Once you’ve completed the verification, enter a new password.  The password should contain the elements shown here:

    Password Rules:
  • At least eight (8) characters in length
  • One uppercase letter (X Y Z)
  • One number (1 2 3)
  • One special character (! @ $ %)
  1. Select Finish

If your password conforms to the Rose-Hulman password rules, it will now be reset

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