To connect to printers on your Mac computer, please do the following:

  1. Click the Apple Symbol.
  2. Click System Preferences…
  3. Click Printers and Scanners.
  4. Click the Plus Symbol.
  5. Click IP.
  6. In the address field, type the name of the printer.  For example The Protocol and Systems queues do not need to be changed.  A list of printer names is provided at the bottom of the article. 
  7. In the name field, type what you would like to call the printer.  A location can be optionally added. The Use field does not need to be changed.
  8. Click Add.
  9. The Settings menu will be displayed. Settings can be adjusted as needed. Then click Ok.

Academic Building Printers

LocationQueue NameHost NameUnit TypePaperDuplex?Date Installed
Crapo - 2nd FloorCrapo 2crapo2HP 9040DNEITYes?1/20/12
Crapo - 3rd FloorCrapo 3crapo3HP 9040DNEITYes?1/20/12
Library-Main Floor?LibrarylibraryHP M806DNLibraryYes?7/9/08
Library - 2nd FloorLibrary 2library-2HP M806DNLibraryYes?5/20/11
Moench CommonsMoench Commonsmoench-commonsHP 9040DNEITYes?7/9/08
Moench - Near BL113BL113bl113-psHP 9040DNEITYes?5/20/11
Moench - Near D116D116D116HP 9040DNEITYes?7/9/08
Myers - Near M246M246m246-psHP 9040DNEITYes?5/20/11
Olin - Near O157O157o157-psHP 9040DNEITYes??6/16/08
Olin - Near O257O257o257-psHP 9040DNEITYes??6/16/08
Olin - 2nd Floor CommonsO200Co200c-psHP 9040DNEITYes?6/16/08
WorxWorxworxHP P3005NUnionNo?11/20/07

 Residence Hall Printers 

LocationQueue NameHost NameUnit TypePaperDuplex?Date Installed
Blumberg - LobbyBlumbergblumbergHP 9040NR.A.Yes?4/24/12
BSB - LobbyBSBbsbHP 9040NR.A.No?6/16/09
Deming - 1st Floor LobbyDemingdemingHP M806DNR.A.Yes?11/1/13
Deming - AtticDemingAtticdemingatticHP 9040DNR.A.Yes?9/4/11
Mees - LobbyMeesmeesHP 9040NR.A.No?6/16/09
Apt Res-EastAptRes-eastaptres-eastHP 9040DNR.A.Yes?12/7/10
Apt Res-WestAptRes-westaptres-westHP M806DNR.A.Yes?11/17/14
Lake Side - 1st FloorLake Side 1lakeside-1HP 9040R.A.Yes?6/18/12
Lake Side - 3rd FloorLake Side 3lakeside-3HP 9040R.A.Yes?6/18/12
Percopo - BasementPercopo 0percopo0HP 8150NR.A.Yes?5/3/02
Percopo - 1st FloorPercopo 1percopo1HP 9040DNR.A.Yes?1/25/12
Percopo - 3rd FloorPercopo 3percopo3HP 9040NR.A.No?11/21/07
Scharp - LobbyScharpscharpHP M806DNR.A.Yes?11/4/14
Skinner - A SectionSkinnerskinnerHP 9040NR.A.No?11/21/07
??Skinner - B Section?Skinner-B?skinnerb?HP P3015?R.A.?Yes??8/7/12
??Skinner - C Section?Skinner-C?skinnerc?HP P3015?R.A.?Yes?8/7/12
Speed - LobbySpeedspeedHP 9040DNR.A.Yes?9/14/11
Apt Res LoungeAptRes-Loungeapt-res-loungeHP M806DNR.A.No?11/4/14

 EIT provides hardware and queue maintenance on all printers listed above.  

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