RHIT-OPEN is the designated network for guests of Rose-Hulman. This network will work in labs, classrooms and residence halls but does not allow the user to access EIT provided services such as email, DFS and license servers. In addition to being restricted from accessing the internal Rose-Hulman network, this wireless network is rate-limited to 5Mb/s per user.  In order to connect to this network a valid email address must be supplied which is prompted for automatically when attempting to access any website.  To connect to the RHIT-OPEN Network:

  1. Open your wireless network choices and connect to RHIT-OPEN.
  2. Open a web browser
  3. Type a website into the search box to perform a search.
  4. A screen will display prompting you to enter an email address.
  5. Enter a valid email address.
  6. Click Log In.
  7. You will be connected to the web page you were trying to access.

If you are having difficulty connecting your device to the RHIT-OPEN network, please email the Service Desk at or visit the Service Desk located in the lower level of Crapo Hall. The Service Desk is open from 8 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday.